Italian Blue Growth

Established in 2018, Italian Blue Growth is responsible for the organization of regional, national and European events and initiatives aimed at fostering economic promotion and attracting domestic and foreign investments, as well as international cooperation, innovation and Blue Economy sustainability.

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•Italian Ministry of defence
•Italian Ministry of Business and Made in Italy
•Italian Ministry of the Sea
•Italian Ministry of Interior
•Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport
•European Parliament
•University of Bari
•Politecnico of Bari)
•University of Genoa
•University campus of la Spezia
•Cisita, Scuola Formazione Superiore
•National School of Transport, Higher Education Institution
•COPERNICUS, Europe’s Eyes on Earth
•Chamber of Commerce Riviere di Liguria
•Regione Liguria
•The Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea
•Liguria International
•Italian Navy
•Lega Navale Italiana
•Parco delle 5 Terre
•Municipality of La Spezia
•Municipality of Lerici
•Municipality of Porto Venere
•WWF Italia, WWF Sub
•5 Terre Academy